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/ Film Production

In 2010 I started a company called Living Sky Media Group. We specialized in film and video production, namely commercial, commercial documentary, music video production and live broadcasts. Between 2010 and 2016 our experience and style brought us recognition within the local business community and the government.

Living Sky Media Group provided front-to-back film and video solutions. We pride ourselves on the ability to build specialized teams of any size appropriate for the story being told.

/ Storytelling

Our storytelling style can be described as gritty and personal. We became one with the subject matter as we delved deeper into projects. Whether that meant becoming close friends with a documentary subject or going to the public archives for hours of research, the story was to be embodied.

/ Century 21

The Ask: Century 21 Regina came to us looking for pull marketing. They had previously worked with another company to produce a film for the Air Miles Rewards Program but it hadn’t gathered much traction online. My business partner and I were asked to create a film for their Air Miles Rewards Program that would gather at least double the number of views as the previously produced film.

We started to question why the previously produced film had done so poorly because we thought it had production value. We looked into the Century 21 Regina’s social media presence. After a thorough investigation, we found that the film had not been shared at a rate that would produce momentum. We recommended a targeted Google/YouTube marketing campaign that would not only target people living in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada but people searching for homes, home improvement, real estate, etc outside the province. Our targeted campaign yielded an increase of almost 300% viewership. The project came in under budget and the client was so exceptionally pleased, they called us back to extend the marketing campaign for an additional month.

The Airmiles Rewards video promoted a conversation targeted advertising. The success of the campaign allowed our company to receive a second contract for a series of films targeting four groups of home buyers: the first time home buyer (generally younger adults, in their 20s or 30s), the upgrader (adults who have outgrown their starter home), the dream home (adults who have come into some inheritance or perhaps a promotion and are looking for something extraordinary) and the empty nester (the kids have moved out and the parents are looking for something smaller). Using an empathetic storytelling style that involves making the audience relate to the characters. These films key-in on memories of cheerful situations that audience members have experienced themselves.

First Time Home Buyers


Dream Home

Empty Nesters

/ YMCA - In Plain View

The Ask: The YMCA received federal funding to conduct a point-in-time count of the homeless population of Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. This involved a systematic count of each individual homeless person in the city for that given night. The hope is that the data collected will help determine – through data science – an accurate estimate of the number of homeless in the city extrapolated over the course of a year. The PIT count was to be a large operation consisting of hundreds of volunteers spread out across the city with the support of shelters and the local authorities.

The planning process for the creation of this film was grueling because of the scale of the PIT count. In order to cover the action properly at shelters, on the streets and acquire essential story elements such as interviews, I enlisted three professional camera crews to go out and film for the night. Each camera crew was given a detailed plan of action which included shot lists and schedules, available interview subjects and contact information. The shoot was perfectly executed with valuable footage being collected and edited into a short documentary that was shown on regional television and is now being consumed nationally. This project came in right on budget and the client was extremely happy with our efforts.

/ Hudye Soil Service - More Than Farmers

The Ask: The Hudye Family wanted to create a film that represented them as fun loving, family oriented people rather than just farmers.

Over the course of six months, we made multiple trips to the Hudye family fertilizer operation known as Hudye Soil Services to collect footage of the family, customers, and employees living life on the prairie. Soon after shooting this film, the Hudye family sold Hudye Soil Services to a larger conglomerate, utilizing the film to thank customers for their support over the years. This film took a long time to put together because they wanted to show all aspects of life on the prairie which included filming during harvest, in the summer, and in the winter. During this period of time, the Hudye’s were quite busy working on the sale of Hudye Soil Services, so I became the point person for gathering subjects and locations which, as a person that doesn’t know the area, is rather difficult. I was able to forge several strong relationships through the production of this film because of hoops I had to jump through to get this film made, which I am very thankful for.

/ DuPoint - D Series Canola

The Ask: Create marketing material for their new strain of canola D3155C capable of catching the eye of young farmers.

Working through an agency can be tricky but we pulled this film off while maintaining a strong relationship with the agency and the client. Telling the story of a grain product is a tough proposition as well. We used new technology like our DJI Inspire 1 drone and Sony FS-7 camera to capture this film over the course of two weeks in three different provinces of Canada. Interviewing subjects about a rather technical, niche market was challenging but rewarding because of all the knowledge gained in the process. When I make a film, no matter what the product, I want to touch the viewer emotionally by creating an engaging story. I had to think creatively and quickly to capture technical information and story elements as well.

/ Tori & Taz - Be Significant.

The Ask: Make a product video that stands out.

For this project we asked ourselves, how do we want to feature the product and who do we want the product to speak to? We thought about the fact that the jewelry being product by Tori & Taz has a higher price point and speaks to a trendy clientele. From there we created a character to follow. The character in the film is a businesswoman who works hard but she likes to, on occasion,  play hard too. We thought it best to show the businesswoman, a confident, beautiful woman preparing for a night on the town. She treats herself to champagne and a hot bubble bath before putting on Tori & Taz jewelry, an act that we hope, many other businesswomen can relate too.

/ Lows in Motion/Parkinson Association Saskatchewan - Beyond the Tremors

The Ask: Make viewers better equipped to understand what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s Disease.

It’s so tough to understand what a person with a disease is going through unless you personally have that disease. So it was definitely a tall order to bring that experience to the screen. We decided it would be best to follow multiple Parkinson’s patients and record their thoughts, feelings, and actions. We later cut this day-in-the-life footage with personal interviews with all the subjects. Dr. Kurt Williams brings an interesting perspective because he suffers from Parkinson’s but also happens to be a physician. When following him, we focused more on getting a medical professional’s perspective of the disease, whereas, with Mr. Low, it was about getting the emotional/psychological perspective. The film gained national attention when it was featured on many local news channels.

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