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I'm an outgoing and energetic design strategist specializing in service, product and experience design with a side order of design research capabilities. I like to think of myself as a left + right brain person with a good balance of creativity and logic. I have a penchant for solving problems by employing creative solutions. Things I've taken from my past: i) excellent organization and project management skills from my previous career as film + television producer/director, and, ii) the ability to "build" my way out of problems (I enjoyed constructing LEGO and robots as a child, nowadays I fiddle around with Arduino).

Research & Strategy

I figure out human problems and build solutions that fix or mitigate these problems. What problem are you trying to solve? Methodologies employed: Human-centered design, design thinking, journey mapping, qualitative research, ethnographic research, storyboarding, etc.

Product & Experience Design

I make things - whether it be a better shopping experience, an app for your iPhone or a new IoT device, let me help you build the RIGHT product or experience for your customers. Have a look at my portfolio to see some products/experiences I have designed.


I help businesses communicate and I help customers disseminate their needs. As a trained filmmaker, I have a knack for interviewing people and telling brand stories. I know how to ask the right questions. Are you in need of an experienced storyteller?